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P1 – Introduction to Medical Qigong Therapy

P1, the first course in the Medical Qigong Practitioner (MQP) certificate series, is designed to introduce the student to Medical Qigong exercises and meditation for self-healing of body, emotions, energy, mind, and spirit. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Grief Energy

Grief causes the energy to become obstructed.

Medical Qigong exercises will be taught that help the body correct physical and energetic imbalances. This strengthens and regulates internal organs, the nervous system and immune system, relieves pain, regulates hormones, and strengthens and releases deep-seated emotions and stress.

Stress, illness, and painful emotions, often have their beginnings in fixed or negative thought patterns. Captured by habitual patterns, often we fail to notice the innate goodness of ourselves and others. In the context of Medical Qigong training, meditation is an essential self-healing skill that soothes the mind using breath, posture, and a sense of openness and acceptance towards oneself. Meditation reveals countless opportunities to rest in the fresh experience of our innate human goodness.

The course will introduce the student to basic theories and skills of energetic purging, tonification, and regulation of the body's organs and energy channels, as well as strengthening the body's protective energy field (Wei Qi).

Topics in the course include:

Course Objectives

Students will develop a basic understanding of the three regulations of medical qigong, effectively learn static and dynamic medical qigong exercises and meditations, be able to properly develop a medical qigong routine and to pass experiential and oral academic exams.

Our approach at the Oregon Branch of the IIMQ is to use "outcome based" teaching methods, with the intention that everyone who makes a genuine effort will succeed.

Prerequisites: None

Required Text: Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy, Volumes 1 and 4, by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson; available from the author at: http://www.qigongmedicine.com/medical-qigong-books/

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