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Asian spiritual and medical traditions encourage embodiment of their knowledge through self-cultivation. I experience my life deeply. I use many self-healing skills daily, and the familiarity and depth of internal knowledge I receive directly impacts my ability to meet clients and students in the clinic and in classes. Although I maintain near daily practices from Buddhism and Daoism, and in some ways speak and act like a priest, I feel and think like a secular humanist.

I believe, and it is my experience, that: 1) humans and all things have wisdom and are innately good; 2) there are pure, open and free layers of everyone’s experience, psyche, and physical-energetic-spiritual bodies; and 3) this goodness, joined with agency and support, is expressive and can overcome symptoms, personal and social distress.

As I focus and absorb myself in shifting my experience from symptoms, personal issues and distress to fresh, new learning and potentials, I can choose change. As these changes become stabilized, I may begin to experience authentic presence, become able to focus this grounded openness and agency to benefit the social environment around me. These are the experiences we explore in the clinic and in classes. Please consider exploring this therapy or practitioner training, this healing adventure.

Professional Background

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