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Primordial Virtue

Primordial is the open condition of our mind, prior to the emergence of experience. Origin, essence. Primordial is fundamental goodness, Dao, or perhaps the Christian understanding of God-in-all-things. Virtue arises naturally from openness, uncontrived, free from self-reference and gaining ideas. This virtue has energy, bravery, and tenderness to bring spiritual warriorship to the challenges of life. It is vulnerable, yet durable and flexible.

Within a few weeks of applying the tools of medical qigong, breathwork, meditation and therapeutic conversation taught at OMQ, many clients and students experience feeling better, relief from symptoms, and an increase in enthusiasm and accuracy in their lives.

Oregon Medical Qigong

Eric Shaffer, DMQ (China) dba as Oregon Medical Qigong (OMQ) in Oregon since 2007, (dba as HeartMind Vision Medical Qigong in Pacific Grove, CA from 2003-2007). We offer energetic healing and lifestyle support for clients, practitioner training and certification in Daoist Medicine and Medical Qigong using the ICMQ and IIMQ curricula, and Self-Healing classes with Qigong and Meditation. Medical Qigong Therapy is the oldest form of Chinese medicine, traditionally teaching self-cultivation, spiritual virtue, and healing knowledge for over a thousand years. We currently offer healing sessions and classes in Portland and Eugene.

Eric Shaffer, DMQ (China)

Eric Shaffer, DMQ (China), is a practitioner and advanced instructor of Medical Qigong Therapy, active in teaching and client care since 2003. His degree title is DMQ - Doctor of Medical Qigong, granted by the People’s Republic of China, with a license to practice Medical Qigong Therapy in Chinese hospitals. Eric was authorized to teach Medical Qigong Therapy to the MMQ (Master of Medical Qigong) level in 2003. He has been teaching consistently since that time.

Eric’s diverse contemplative background supports his ability to bring spiritual, intuitive, energetic, and deep listening skills to his client care and teaching.

“Allowing the pace of society and our busy big brains to undermine sacredness, we often neglect Spirit. Reconnecting with the clear perception of the senses, allowing breath to settle and descend into the belly, we connect with Earth.

We can enjoy and explore Qigong, Breathing, and Meditation as wonders, as we learn to accept and relax into discipline.

A sense of vague impending danger can be transformed into enthusiasm to heal ourselves and do service for others.

Slowly, fear of feeling becomes empathy, durable and vulnerable at the same time.

Grounded and relaxed, feeling solidity of Earth below and vastness of Heaven all around, the basis of expedient healing is established.

Goodness and Virtue are innate and shine naturally, as knots of suppressed emotion and inaccurate thinking begin to flow and balance.

We may discover that not only we, but others, and Society are innately, radiantly Good.

That symptoms have improved much more than expected, and life is challenging, yet much more satisfying.”

During an IIMQ Instructor Certification course in April of 2011, Eric was promoted to Advanced Instructor of the IIMQ Curriculum by Dr. Bernard Shannon, Executive Director of the IIMQ. The promotion acknowledged Eric’s ability to create and hold the spiritual and healing energy of the teaching environment, in addition to his teaching competency.


Daoist Medical Qigong Training

Spiritual Training

Martial Training

Taijichuan, with Dr. Bernard Shannon and Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson. Additional tutorials with Dr. Seth Lefkowitz, DMQ, DC, and Shifu Matt Weston, MMQ.

Psychological Training

Contemplative Psychology BA: degree title Carl Jung and Western (Christian) Alchemy, Naropa University 1993. The undergraduate thesis work included 3 years of Jungian alchemical dreamwork and analysis, which became an apprenticeship. The experiential knowledge of non-Church Christian Alchemy of the Middle Ages is highly applicable in Medical Qigong Therapy.

The International College of Medical Qigong

The International Institute of Medical Qigong (IIMQ) was inspired by the Medical Qigong College of the Hai Dian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (in Beijing, China). In 2005, the Chinese Ministry of Health honored the IIMQ as meeting and exceeding the Chinese standards for academic and clinical instruction. In 2006, Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine authorized the IIMQ to be its Overseas College of Medical Qigong.

The IIMQ educated Westerners in Chinese energetic medicine for over 20 years, until 2011. Directed successfully by Dr. Bernard Shannon for 7 years, the IIMQ had clinical branches in 8 countries and 13 states, with authorized instructors in 4 countries and 8 states.

The International College of Medical Qigong (ICMQ) was created by Dr. Bernard Shannon to increase the standards of the former IIMQ, and carry the curriculum forward. For seven years ending in 2011, Dr. Shannon was the Executive Director, curriculum designer, standards holder, and master instructor of the IIMQ, appointed by Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, the IIMQ’s founder.

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