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July Medical Qigong Classes

30 Minute Classes

In July, we’re offering three new 30 minute classes. Short, powerful, and focused, which makes them easy for people with busy lives. The goal of each class is to relieve specific health syndromes that share common root causes. The medical qigong movement and breathing exercises are chosen for their ability to treat these health syndromes in accord with Chinese medicine theory. Used correctly, they may relieve pain, suffering, and stress, and balance emotions. When stress, pain, and emotions are more balanced, health, mental clarity, and emotional contentment continue to improve. Even complex, chronic, and resistant conditions often respond to Medical Qigong care, because treating the root of illness can invigorate and balance whole systems in the body, heart, and mind. Class drop-ins will be allowed for fifteen minutes at the beginning of every class in July. Click for Class Flyer

Acceptance, Transformation, and Self-Healing Class

The Acceptance, Transformation, and Self-Healing Class is based on the same principles as the short classes that emphasize symptomatic relief. The obvious goal of the Acceptance class is to heal symptoms and suffering and reduce stress, and to increase emotional balance and harmony. The more subtle goal is to discover inside ourselves something that is innate, already there. It is a capacity for a soft internal presence, for tenderness and acceptance for ourselves. We use the qigong exercises to increase the flow of the body’s energies and for “housecleaning”, and retrain underlying instincts of fear, survival, and craving with breathing exercises and meditation. We clarify and improve the body’s structure, and gather pure Earth energy. Somewhere in this process, in spite of what we think we’re doing, we may discover a sense of “being” that rests between Heaven and Earth, and that we are changing.

If you’re taking a class and would like Eric to be informed of your health challenges, you can fill out a health questionnaire before or after class. (or Click here).

Medical Qigong healing appointments are available to deepen the work done in class; if you are interested, a free ½ hour consultation can be scheduled to discuss what is included in a Medical Qigong healing session.

Class Registration and Appointments

You can register online and make healing appointments using the yellow “Schedule Now” button on the Home Page. The online option asks for prepayment for the service. You can also register to join a class, make a plan to drop in, or make healing appointments, by contacting Eric at (541) 852-1628, or emailing him at info@qigong-clinic.com.

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