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Qigong, Meditation, and Therapeutic Conversation

This public class shares my favorite skills from P1 - Introduction to Medical Qigong Theory, the first course in our Daoist medicine professional training series. No experience is necessary.

Qigong for purging, gathering pure Five Element energy, and for regulation will be taught.

Meditation can be practiced seated, standing, walking, or lying down. Focusing on the breath calms and grounds the mind. With daily practice, tolerance, curiosity, and letting go develop slowly. Gradually, increasing openness and transparency begin to allow us to see that our nature is inherently good.

Therapeutic conversation allows us to access support of the “non-conscious” mind for relaxation, comfort, and change.

The target size of classes is 6 to 10 participants. Join the class after a conversation with the instructor.

Portland Class

Meets four times per month
Mondays, 4 to 4:15pm
Fee: $80 for four classes per month
5112 E Burnside, 97215, in our home workspace. Off site, street parking only.

Eugene Class

Meets two times per month
Thursdays, 7 to 8:15pm
Fee: $80 for two months
701 Lawrence St, 97401, at A Healing Space.

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