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“I have been working with Eric for a year, after receiving a serious cancer diagnosis. I am receiving qigong treatments, healing sounds therapy, qigong exercises, and hypnosis, which have all had a significant felt impact. I did not expect I would be here, feeling this good, at this point in my recovery. Eric has offered a level of investment on my behalf that far exceeds my expectations. We are working on underlying issues that are life-changing and pervasive. I am grateful for Eric’s precise skill, patience, humility, fierce loving attention, availability, and commitment to my wellness in all aspects of my life. I am finding clarity quickly with Eric. I wish I had found him sooner. Thank you!”
–Medical qigong care for oncology and trauma/relational work, Ali Lufkin, Episcopal Priest, Marriage and Family Therapist, Colorado.

“On my journey to find free-flowing energy, I found Eric. His teachings have helped me learn how to release and unblock energy in my body and to learn how to tend to all aspects of myself, helping it not to get blocked in the first place. This has allowed me to express myself creatively, which for me in this time meant having a child. Eric has supported me on my journey as a qigong student, throughout my birth journey as what I considered my remote doula, and as a new mom. I am forever grateful for him and the generous way he shares his teachings. They are such a gift. Thank you Eric.”
–Mandi Motes, PLA, Landscape Architect & Planner, Central Cascades Oregon

“Eric has a tremendous skill at bringing together an analytical approach with an integrated experiential offering. He provides simple, succinct and clear instructions, making the exercises accessible for beginning students. His background in meditation provides a complimentary ground to support the practices of qigong. His style of teaching is organized and structured while providing flexibility for the organic flow of the class to depart from the syllabus. Eric’s knowledge and understanding of the philosophy and the application of medical qigong was apparent, especially in his skill at lecture and analytic understanding. His instruction on the physical forms was so thorough, and supported retention of the exercises for recall during home practice.”
—Student, March 2019, P1-Introduction to Medical Qigong Theory

“I first sought Eric’s help as a qigong instructor, but have also benefited from his work as a therapist and spiritual advisor. I appreciate his broad knowledge and experience in energy healing and Buddhist and Daoist studies as well as traditional psychological therapies. Eric also exposed me for the first time to hypnosis therapy, which has been an effective part of his work with me. The way that he blends these disciplines together has helped me more than any other therapy or healing practice. He is a compassionate, generous and insightful listener and teacher, but also guides our sessions in a way that requires me to take responsibility in my own healing process.”
—Student, January 2009, Medical Qigong Therapy Sessions

“Just wanted to thank you for your treatments. I felt calm and clear before surgery, and I recovered quickly from it, which was a nice surprise. I did not feel nauseous and was eating and walking around within 5 hours from waking up from anaesthetic. A bit tired, of course, as is to be expected, but overall it was like nothing had happened. Thanks again for all of your support.”
—Distant Treatments (Pre- and Post-Surgery for Ovarian Cyst), Germany

“I love your wisdom and big heart. You are an open individual and know your stuff. I like that you bring so much knowledge to the table and the ability to help me gain more confidence in this aspect of my future. You also bring a lot of light. Your presence is very liberating and helps me a great deal. All of this is spectacular.”
—P1 Private Tutorial, Medical Professional, Vancouver, BC

“I appreciate that your teaching is very internal. I’m learning how to feel inside my body, feel my internal organs”.
—Qigong Self-Healing Class, University of Oregon student, Eugene

“To sum it up, I would say I have experienced a very deep & powerful shift in my whole being from our first session. It's like you brought a very dark shadow to the surface that has lifted & is now gone. Thank you! This is very powerful healing work! I look forward to our next session”.
—Oncology Treatment for breast condition, Eugene, OR

“I have utilized Eric's services extensively for both instruction and treatments, and have always been very pleased...he has often gone out of his way to provide far more than I expected in private healing sessions or large-group instruction. I think you will be very pleased if you hire him for whatever element of qigong expertise you are seeking. I recommend him without reservation”.
—Energetic Treatment, Distant Treatment, Qigong Self-Healing Class, and Private Tutorials (IIMQ curriculum), Dr. Steve Carber, EdD, Professor of International Education

“After five days with Eric I learned many new physical and mental exercises. For me, the course was eye opening as Eric guided me through a rapid transformation in how I feel energy in myself and around me. I now feel capable and comfortable with healing myself. Eric is a passionate and caring teacher and doctor of medical qigong. His deep knowledge and experience in the field are shown by his understanding and synthesis of the material that he teaches and practices. I look forward to continuing learning with Eric in future courses”.
—Private Tutorial (IIMQ curriculum study), Ian Gregoire, ESL and Spanish Instructor, Columbia, SA

“I attended a recent qigong workshop at the Portland Shambhala Center and found it to be of the highest quality. The qigong exercises have become part of my daily practice. I feel they are helping me. It's so important to balance caring for ourselves and others, with sitting practice and body work. I've also experienced healing with Eric and found it to be very high quality work. I recommend this healing work to anyone”.
—Qigong Self-Healing Class, Energetic Treatment, Kathy, Professional Counselor, Portland, OR

“After Eric treated me for my chronic back and sciatica pain, they were relieved. This relief was extended for over 6 months when I used a short daily qigong exercise he gave me. I also recommend Eric’s distance healing, which is very effective. I feel that when Eric is giving treatments, he is ‘channeling’ the blessings of the Shambhala Buddhist Lineage”.
—Energetic Treatment, and Distant Treatment, business owner, Eugene, OR

“Uncontrollable coughing at night and often during the day for nearly a week was costing me hours of sleep, and hurting my performance as a teacher at work. In an emergency phone session, Eric asked me several questions about my symptoms and then gave me details about specific medical qigong point tapping and rubbing exercises that I should do on my wrists and lower arms. With no medication, I did these just before going to bed, took away the extra propping pillow I had been using, and laid down under my covers. I went right to sleep without coughing, woke at about 4 AM with a dry mouth, so I drank a little water. I fell back asleep, with no coughing, and slept until my alarm woke me. I couldn’t believe that I had slept the whole night without coughing! I used the same exercises the next several nights, slept well, and had no nocturnal coughing”.
—Distant Consultation, Christine Bean, ESL educator, Langley, WA

“After my first session of medical qigong I felt a great sense of well-being. I have experienced changes on many levels and I am eager to learn more. Eric Shaffer is a skillful and knowledgeable practitioner of medical qigong, and a compassionate teacher”.
—Energetic Treatment, Janet B, Eugene, OR

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