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MQT Certificate—Medical Qigong Therapist

Bellows Palms
Leading toxic energy out of the body using Bellows Palm

The 500 hour Medical Qigong Therapist (MQT) certification program includes lectures and experiential learning, with oral and experiential exams plus clinical competencies. Successful completion qualifies the student for the Medical Qigong Therapist (MQT) Certificate, and fulfills the prerequisites for the more advanced 1000-hour Master of Medical Qigong (MMQ) program.

Prerequisite for certification in the Medical Qigong Therapist program is successful completion of the requirements for Medical Qigong Practitioner (MQP).

Medical Qigong Therapist (MQT)
500 Hour Certification Course
  Prerequisite MQP Courses with Exams 200
T1 Sensory, Intuitive, and Perceptual Diagnosis 32
T2 Medical Qigong Dao Yin Therapy and Rectifying Qi Deviations 32
T3 Medical Qigong Therapy for Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Gynecology, Neurology, and Psychology 32
T4 Introduction to Medical Qigong Therapy for Oncology (1) 32
C2 Clinical Theater, Clinical Internship, and Final Exam Clinical Externship 32
  Clinical Externship 40
  MQT Course Hours 200
  Additional Requirements (3rd Party Institution) 72
  Basic Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory 50
  Western Anatomy and Physiology 100
  Total 3rd Party Course Hours 150
  Combined MQT and 3rd Party Course Hours 200

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